Rocket League Season 13 Premium Pass

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In the modern era of online gaming every big company that caters to even 10 or a thousand players wants to cash out their product. There’s nothing with it but because of this “cashing out” the real meaning of online and multiplayer gaming is deteriorating before the cosmetics boom in the online gaming industry. All of the games were only skill-based because in them there was nothing that you could’ve bought off that could give you an advantage in the game and the only way to get better at the game was to grind in the game and get better at it. That is why for too many people this era was the greatest one.

In today’s multiplayer games whether they are from the Shooting and action genre or if they are sports games. In all of them, you will find a micro-transaction that gives you an advantage. A subtle one but they always give an extra edge to the buyer. Gaming studios have also introduced a new pass system. Like a premium battle pass in some games or some games a seasonal pass. But in these symmetrical passes, they introduced and pushed new content in the game. They also make big game changes in these updates.

In this blog, we are going to talk about one of these types of updates and premium passes. More specifically we are gonna talk about Rocket League and its season 13 premium pass.

And like every other mainstream game Rocket League also has two different types of season passes the free one and the paid one.

So in this blog, I will be listing down the perks and new content that is coming with the new season pass. Now because this is a seasonal update the amount of content iszpasses: the


As you know there are 100 tiers in the season pass in which both the free version of the pass and the paid version of the pass get rewards. The paid version pass has a reward in any tier upgrade but in the free version that is not the case so here are all of the tiers and their paid and free version tiers.  The premium pass costs 1000 Rocket League credits meaning the new pass costs 10$ or 9.21 euros or it also depends on where you live.

Free Tiers:

  • 2 Titles: “Cassette Deck Master” and “Retro Revolution”. So you can show them when you score a goal
  • 3 Player Banners: “Circuit Board”, “Pixel Art”, and “Vintage Rocket League”.
  • 4 Decals: “Orbital”, “Circuit Board”, “Pixel Art”, and “CRT” 3 Boosts: “Data Stream”, “Neon Pulse”, and “Pixel Grid”
  • 4 Trails: “Pixel Waves”, “Neon Streak”, “Data Stream”, and “CRT”
  • 2 Toppers: “Cassette Tape” and “8-Bit Heart”
  • 7 Wheels: “Circuit Board”, “Pixel Art”, “Orbital”, “Data Stream”, “Neon”, “Code”, and “CRT”
  • 1,600 Rocket League Credits (premium currency).

All of the rewards are tier-wise so the more you play the better tier you get and hence these free rewards will be yours.

Now for the premium tiers or the premium seasonal pass buyers, here’s the list of the rewards that you’ll be getting after reaching all the 100 tiers.

Premium Tiers:

All of the Free Tier rewards(of course)

  • 14 additional Decals
  • 10 additional Boosts
  • 10 additional Trails
  • 19 additional Toppers
  • 32 additional Wheels
  • 2 Player Anthems: “Sound Demo Disc 20XX” and “Pixel Party”
  • 1 Goal Explosion: “Pixelated Boost Explosion”
  • 2 Car Bodies: “Ace” and “Primo”
  • Up to 22,000 Rocket League Credits.

Now I know that this list was not super detailed but this was just a spec sheet of what you will get after spending only 10$ Other than you’ll also get the ace car body upon the purchase without doing anything. And when you get up all of the tiers you’ll get the upgrades and rewards likewise.

The season also has several updates that affect the gameplay here are some of them:

New Arena’s variant:

In season 13 Psyonix has introduced three new arena variants. Here are the new variant arenas.

  • Mansfield (Dusk)
  • Farmstead (Pitched)
  • Wasteland (Pitched).

There are also other changes in the base game like a slight UI change but I will not list them down here because most of them are some minor changes or minor bug fixes.