How to get a prestige status in CoD Modern Warfare

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Prestige is the highest rank in multiplayer. It is the level achieved when the player accomplishes the most elevated position in the game. After reaching this status, you can unlock other challenges and rank logos.

It could reset the player’s rank and allow them to continue through the multiplayer levels once more, and boosting the game’s replayability using modern warfare level boosting. The player receives a distinctive sign next to their name that indicates Prestige Mode.

Steps to Get Prestige Status in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

  1. Firstly, you have to accomplish the military ranks. These ranks can help you get the first Prestige status. Military ranks accomplished should be from 1-55.
  2. You get your first Prestige as soon as you accomplish Military Rank 55, putting you on a brand-new leveling path at Level 1. The icon beside your name changes from a military emblem to the first Prestige Icon to indicate this.
  3. You gain a new Prestige every 50 levels, indicated by a new Prestige Icon next to your name. Over the following four weeks, there will be three Prestiges in total: Prestige at Level 1, Prestige 2 at Level 50, and Prestige 3 at Level 100. At Levels 50,100, 150, and 200, there are four Prestiges to achieve in succeeding seasons.
  4. You’ll get a new Sticker and Emblem displayed on your weapon and profile each time you hit a new Prestige Level. When you reach a Prestige for the first time in a season, you get a new Weapon Blueprint.
  5. At Level 200, you become a Prestige Master if you complete every Prestige in a season, which alters the color of your Prestige Level and allows you to personalize your Prestige Icon. You can also continue to level up until you reach 1,000.
  6. Every 50 levels, regardless of whether you have another Prestige to unlock, you will receive a Prestige Key, which will allow you to open a Prestige Icon at the new Prestige Shop to replace the one you have.
  7. Anyone who joins later in the season can still earn the maximum available Prestige Level and become a Prestige Master – they need to put in the effort to catch up.

Advantages of Having a Prestige Status

When a player enters Prestige Mode, new icons appear next to their name to show off their game experience. It helps expand the game’s content, as many players like climbing through ranks and unlocking new goods.

The Drawbacks of Prestige Status

Prestige Mode removes all unlocked weapons, bonuses, and camouflages from the game. There are no awards or rewards associated with earning Prestige.

If you want to become a Prestige Master and achieve prestige status, you must play since you will be left behind if you do not make the necessary advancement in the game. Some players like to see the positive side of things and put out every effort to attain their objective, while others lose faith after a few setbacks. Make an effort to be a person with great goals and bravery.